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Armpit Temperature In Infants

This is called the axillary temperature.

Armpit temperature in infants. Rectal temperatures run higher than those taken in the mouth or armpit axilla because the rectum is warmer. It may be used as a first way of checking to see if a child may have a fever. Ive heard a variety of answers and am a little confused answered by dr. What qualifies as a fever when taking an infants temperature under his arm.

The normal rectal temperature of a child is between 97. Tips for taking a rectal temperature oral and. Make sure that your babys clothing doesnt get between the thermometer and the skin. If youre in doubt.

This is called axillary measurement. Has a rectal ear or temporal artery temperature of 1004 f 38 c or higher has an oral temperature of 100 f 378 c or higher has an armpit temperature of 99 f 372 c or higher keep in mind that an armpit temperature might not be accurate. While axillary temperature taking is not the most accurate way to take a newborns temperature it is suitable for ascertaining whether your infant has a fever. If this shows a fever the temperature should then be checked by rectum or forehead.

Its easy convenient and safe and all you need is a regular digital thermometer. For infants 3 to 12 months old recommended options include a digital rectal axillary armpit or tympanic ear temperature measurement. These can be bought inexpensively in any supermarket or pharmacy and can be used to take rectal in the bottom or axillary in the armpit temperature readings. A temperature taken in the rectum is the closest way to finding the bodys true temperature.

Taking a rectal temperature gives the most accurate reading of body temperature in infants and young children. The downside is that an armpit. The normal body temperature ranges using these devices are. Temp taken under the arm tends to be 03 04 degrees f.

If you dont get a snug fit the reading you get will probably be too low. How to take an armpit temperature some doctors recommend taking a babys temperature in the armpit. 979 f to 1004 f 366 c to 380 c.